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2012-2014 Freddy's Message

2012-2014 Freddy's Message 
Dear visitor

Welcome to the website of the Burundian Community of Canada Inc., Toronto Region. This site is owned by CBCA Inc., Toronto Region. We post our activities and we inform our members, the citizens of other cultural communities and the host society that these activities are open to anyone wishing to participate.

We are part of the Burundian Community of Canada INC and we operate with its statutes. On Saturday, August 25, 2012, two years after its launch, the members of the Burundian Community of Canada (CBCA Inc.) elected a new Regional Council for the organization in the Greater Toronto Area. and surroundings. The new office comprises 8 directors representing all the components of Burundian society, and well committed to ensuring the individual, family, cultural, social and economic development of every member of the Burundian community living in Toronto. Members at this General Assembly welcomed CBCA Inc. members from the East African Community, including Rwandans, Tanzanians, Ugandans and Kenyans as friends or spouses of members. of the CBCA.

The new Toronto office is committed to focusing its efforts on developing activities for members, youth and their families that reflect the seven goals of the community:
1. Promote the integration of members of the Burundian community into Canadian society
2. Promote solidarity and mutual aid among the Burundian community
3. Raise awareness of Burundi's political and socio-economic realities
4. Facilitate and encourage cooperation exchanges between Canada and Burundi
5. To defend the human rights of members of the Burundian community in Canada
6. Mobilize to respond to emergencies or humanitarian situations in Burundi
7. Participate in Burundi's development efforts and work to find the necessary help

Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1995, The Burundian Community of Canada INC, (CBCA.Inc)., Is a non-profit organization accepted by Letters Patent dated March 7, 1995, obtained under Part III of the Act. companies operating in Canada, and having internal statutes and regulations compatible with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The mission of CBCA Inc. is to represent Canada's Burundian-Canadian citizens in Canada, both federal and provincial, living in Canada. There are autonomous boards of directors in each of the large provincial cities under the direction of local presidents. These are part of the national board of directors, headed by the national president supported by its executive committee. To join the CBCA, you must complete an admission form. Applicants who meet the admission requirements receive a membership card.

Open to all and inclusive, we invite all members of the Burundian community living in Toronto who so wish, to join us in making Toronto a pleasant place for any Burundian national and where life is good.

For more information on CBCA Toronto, please contact: Mr. Jean Claude Ndereyahayo, Secretary General, CBCA Toronto, T: 647-739-4042 * E: nclaude@cbcatoronto.org

For your service;

Frederic Nzeyimana
CBCA - Toronto