Welcome to CBCA Toronto!

We, Burundians of Toronto Area are proud to live in this great country, Canada and some of us are proud to have been born in one of most beautiful countries of Africa, Burundi. Therefore, together as community, we must support each other, work hard and take part in building Canada, to make it much better. At the same the time we have a responsibility to take a part in building our country of origin. 
Living in Toronto area which is a home of people from every corner of the world, we, CBCA (Communauté Burundaise du Canada – Burundian Community of Canada) Toronto have the obligations to:
-    Assist our members and no members to a smooth and a solid integration in the Canadian society,
-    Establish a good relationship with other communities and associations,
-    Offer overall assistance to those in need,
-    Promote, facilitate and consolidate a good relationship between Canada and Burundi in different sectors 
-    To promote and maintain our culture, etc.
Together as a community, we will make our countries better than ever.
Vive le Burundi, vive le Canada!

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